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Hash Pipes Team Profiles

Marsha Hash

President Hash Enterprises

Marsha HashI am very lucky to be married to a very special and talented man who loves Harley Davidson motorcycles.  I had only ridden on one bike my whole life before meeting Gary in the 90’s.  Since then, I have enjoyed every minute I have been on the Harley with Gary and understand how much we all love our bikes.

My background has been Human Resources and office work along with being a part time bank-teller, so I guess that has equipped me a little for the job I have taken on with Hash Enterprises.  Gary wanted to make 10 sets of mufflers for his customers and call that good-but when I saw what he had developed and how good the numbers on the Dyno machine were putting out, I said “Go big or Go home”!!  So, I got the job of President, and am very honored to be able to be a part of this company and its future.

There is one thing about Gary-when he does something, he does it right.  I hope that you take a serious look at what he has to offer and become one of the lucky ones to have “Hash Pipes” on your motorcycle.




Gary Hash

Research & Development, Technical Assistance


My love of motorcycles started in the 50’s when I was young.  I begged my folks to buy me a Cushman scooter in 1958, 250 Sprint in 1963 and a new XLCH in 1966.  I spent two years in the Army from 1966-1968 working at the motor pool.  After I got out of the service, I worked for a Chrysler & Chevy dealership before starting my own auto repair shop in 1971.

In the early 90’s it was time for me to change my job focus and I received my Harley Davidson PHD mechanic certification which enabled me to change from autos to working entirely on Harley Davidson motorcycles.  Motorcycle performance has always been my passion, so acquiring enough customers to run my own shop was never a problem.  Word of mouth has been my best advertisement.  I also fulfilled a dream of racing a Harley Davidson Pro Stock and Top Fuel Drag Bike.  I had Drag raced before with my 69’ Dodge SuperBee, but always had wanted to hurtle down the track with a bike between my legs.  I really enjoyed the time I spent with my son Chris who rode the Top Fuel bike.  I had the privilege of being the only Jackpine Gypsy club member who drag raced and was fortunate to make the finals one year at the Sturgis Rally National Drag race competition.  

After several years of racing, I purchased the family farm that I grew up on.  Chris and I hung up our leathers and parked the bikes to work on the farm together where we also release pheasants, quail and chukka each year as well as provide winter food for the deer and wildlife.

In 2013 it came to me after working on lots of bikes with lots of problems with their exhaust mufflers that I could build a better muffler.  I have worked many hours perfecting what I think is a perfect muffler.  As a Harley rider myself, anything that can give you more horsepower and torque as well as looking and sounding good for a little bit of money is well worth the price.  It gives me great pleasure to know that I am bringing to the table a great product for everyone to enjoy.



Chris Hash

Production manager and sales


My name is Chris Hash, production manager and sales for Hash Enterprises. My love for motorcycles started at the age of 4 when my Dad sat me on my first bike, a GT50. Throughout my life my love for motorcycles was always at the top of my list from spending time on dirt bikes, street bikes and later drag racing these two wheeled machines.  This included a chance of a lifetime ...... piloting a 150" top fuel Harley Davidson with my Dad right next to me as my pit crew.

As a young boy, I loved spending time on my Grandparent’s farm. I used to dream about how amazing it would be to farm the same dirt my Grandfather did for many years. In 2005 my dream came true and my Dad and I took over the family farm. I learned from my Father that nothing is for free and hard work is the key to success. 

Now I get to complete another dream of being involved as we start this growing and incredible business Hash Enterprises. With my Dad’s advice of hard work is the key, I can invest my experience of fabrication, production management, and sales into the company. My family, being an American and my love for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles is something no one can ever take away.